1. When can we register?

We have two registration dates in early September. Please stop by, check out our fantastic location, and see what we have to offer! Registration dates will be posted on the website and social media.

2. How can we pay for classes? What are the costs? Do you charge any registration fee or administration fee?

We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa and Mastercard. Your first class payment will include costume deposits for your child ($30 per class) and payment for their closing number tshirt ($15) You can pay the lump sum on the restration date (includes a discount), or four post dated cheques. We do not charge fees for registration or administration.

3. A $40 costume deposit? How much are costumes? When do we pay the balance?

Costume costs generally range from $30 to $60 per costume in total. When the studio has received the costumes, we will send out a form showing your balance owing – generally in May. For some costumes, the balance owing will be $0, for some it might be up to $40. Very rarely is the total cost higher than $60. Upon receipt of the balance, your dancer will receive his or her costume!

4. What should my child wear to class?

Dancewear! Something comfortable, that they can move in, but not baggy – so the lines of the body can be seen. They should also have appropriate footwear. If you are looking for dancewear or shoes, please ask us! We have lots of studio wear for sale, and we sell shoes as well.


5. Can I take pictures or video during your show?

We do not allow any pictures or video to be taken during Showcase. Flash photography can be dangerous to dancers onstage, and when taking pictures or video, you are blocking the view for others behind you. We have photographs taken of each class in costume that are available for sale in the lobby at Showcase, as well as our professionally shot dvd! We also ask that you turn off all cell phones. Thank you for respecting this policy.

6. When is Picture Day?

Picture Day is TBA. It is usually a Sunday in May (don’t worry, it is never Mother’s Day or on the May 2-4 weekend!)

7. How do I get tickets for Showcase? Where is it? Is there assigned seating?

We will send home a newsletter letting you know when Showcase tickets will go on sale. Yes, this is a “line-up” event! Some parents get here early, and the Saturday night show tends to sell out quickly. It is held at the wonderful Mandeville Theatre at Ridley College in St. Catharines. The theatre is a fantastic venue which allows us to put on a professional show. Seating is assigned, and it is wheelchair accessible.

8. Can I show up for just my child’s number in Showcase? Can they leave once they’re done?

Audience members will not be allowed to enter the theatre once Opening Number has started. It is a disruption to the rest of the audience, as well as the performers to allow latecomers to enter. If you need to leave, please wait until intermission. All dancers are involved in the Closing Number, and awards are also handed out on stage after the Saturday night show (and you don’t want to miss that!!!)